Monthly menu for June

(1 June 2017 - 30 June 2017)

Fillet of Smoked Trout served on a Salad of Strawberries and Rhubarb
Price: 115,- CZK
Young Radish Chips Soup*
Price: 65,- CZK
Pike Roasted in Butter with Kohlrabi Ragout and Blackberry Sauce*
Price: 290,- CZK
Ribeye Steak with Salad of Strawberries and Chocolate and Chilli Sauce
Price: 420,- CZK
Cheese Dumplings stuffed with Strawberries with Cream and Rhubarb Coulis*
Price: 1,- CZK

*These 4-courses we also offer as a menu for the price of 430,- CZK.

Welcome to Savannah Gold Club

Savannah Gold Club is here to reward our loyal clients. As a member of the Savannah Gold Club, you will collect points which can be exchanged for many attractive services offered by the Hotel Savannah****deluxe. Collect points each time you visit the Hotel Savannah****deluxe. Points are earned every time you reserve and stay at the hotel, dine in the gourmet restaurant, visit the fitness and wellness center, relax with a service at the Ayurvedic spa, or have a meeting in one of the hotel’s state-of-the-art conference rooms.

How to get benefit points?

Membership is very simple. For each 1.000 CZK that you spend at the Hotel Savannah****deluxe, 1 club point will be added to your account. The more services you consume, the more points you accumulate and the more benefits you can buy.


Services we recommend!

Below you will find the current rewards offered by the Hotel Savannah***deluxe. Choose the ones that will make you and your friends and family the happiest!

Private whirpool with Prosecco + fruit bowl

Enjoy a private whirpool with someone special...or a few friends!
Number of points needed: 10

Season Ticket to the Fitness Centre

Keeping in shape should be a priority for everyone. It’s so much easier to pursue a healthy life-style in a state-of-the-art fitness centre with excellent personal services.


Number of points needed: 6

Body Wrap (Shariira Ubtan)

A specially prepared herbal paste is applied all over the body to awaken and revitalize the skin.


Number of points needed: 18

Inflammation Reduction Massage (Pichu)

Cotton is steeped in a special ayurvedic oil and applied to problematic areas of the body to reduce pain, inflammation and stiff joints.


Number of points needed: 13

Herbal steam – Full Treatment (Pinda Sweda)

This sweat-inducing procedure removes stiffness in the joints, cleanses the pores, makes the body supple and invigorates and restorates the body as a whole.

Number of points needed: 18

Special Ayurvedic Massage (Piccichil)

This is a very special and ancient massage, which involves the continuous dripping of oil on to the body while the practitioner massages the body with soft gentle strokes.


Number of points needed: 18

Powder Massage (Udvartana)

This massage improves the body‘s overall condition by cleansing the skin and increasing circulation throughout the body.

Number of points needed: 20
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