Hotel Savannah's a la carte restaurant provides a pleasant atmosphere with best in class cuisine. Our team of experienced cooks will prepare delicious Czech and international specialties for your enjoyment.

Our a la carte menu follows the seasons, with a six monthly update in Spring and Autumn. Classic cold or hot starters and a signature soup of the day will help you kick off your meal. Followed by either fullsome meat, fish or pasta dishes you will eventually be ready to partake in something sweet to round of your experience. 

Every month, our team of cooks also prepares a Monthly Menu, using the ingredients and recipes in season for this time of year. You can order a starter, main and dessert on the this menu for a special offer price. 

To accompany your meal, guests can choose from a wide selection of regional wines (Moravia is especially well known for the choice and quality of the local white wines) or an international wine. Local beer from the Znojmo brewery or a Czech favourite, Budweiser (the original beer) will help to satisfy those who prefer a refreshing ale or pilsner. 

We can also arrange a business or private dinner, wedding, celebration or banquet in one of our 8 function rooms Please speak with a member of staff if you are interested in arranging such an event.

À la carte restaurant:

Sun – Thu

Fri – Sat

12:00 – 22:00

12:00 – 24:00


Call us at +420 515 284 084 or Email us at